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Emma - Pilot

Day 27: Your idea for a future Glee episode

 Day 27
My idea for a future Glee episode

I don't even know how to answer this one.
I'm kind of all for a summer episode but I wouldn't even know how to approach this idea.
I just like the idea of them not being tied down by school and having some free time together.
[Maybe I'm reading too many fics.]
I just need me some healthy dose of ArtiexTina fluff storyline.
Though that might just be a campaign for more KevinxJenna.
And more Artie and Tina duets.
Ok, this is starting to turn into what I want to see happen.

I reinstate what I said before though.
I really can see a scene where Brittany is walking home from school
and yes, she's holding a frumpy gray cat.
[Maybe it's her cat that's reading her diary.]
And just random stuff happens along the way.
Thus making for a very Brittany-esque adventure.
Maybe Mike Chang can show up somewhere along the way.
Somehow they end up dancing together.
Just saying.

I am SO down for a prom episode or something of the sort because 
I think it would be awesome.
Mike and Brittany can steal the dancefloor. :)
I wonder who will take Prom King and Prom Queen.
Speaking of which, what grades are all these kids in?
Meh, details.

Somewhere in there is my answer.
ArtiexTina & MikexBrittany fluff. Lots of that.
And Brittany being Brittany.
And dancing.
And prom.