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Jun. 23rd, 2010

ArtiexTina - Dream On

Day 20: Your favorite quote

 Day 20
My favorite quote

Episode 18 - "Laryngitis"

If I didn't start falling in absolute lust with Finn Hudson...Hahaha
I think is is pretty much self-explanatory.
I might have squealed when he first said.
Just maybe. 


Jun. 22nd, 2010

ArtiexTina - Dream On

Day 19: Your least favorite performance

 Day 19
Your least favorite performance

Lionel Richie
Episode 14 - "Hello"

Bad picspam 
And apparently I cheated because I restored this post and it kept the time and date o_O
So I'm actually late. *sigh*
I'm a Jesse hater.
I'm sorry.
I mean, it was a nice performance I guess >__>
But I can't bear listening to it. 
It...bothers me.

Jun. 21st, 2010

Tina - Power of Madonna

Day 18: Your least favorite character

 Day 18
My least favorite character

Jesse St. James

Well who didn't see that one coming?
I tried not to be obvious but no other character really compares to the
Burning hate of passion
That I have for Jesse.
See, I have actual reasons for despising his so much though!
First of all, everything about his character was a plot device to introduce Rachel's mom.
And to create some weird JessexRachelxFinn triangle.
But mostly why I don't like him is the fact that he toyed with Rachel's heart
By making her feel like she had someone to care for her. 
I really didn't like the fact that he tried to get Rachel to sleep with him either.
And you know what!? 
He wasn't singing "What it Feels Like For a Girl"
with the other boys.
I think he got a microscopic hint of redemption in Dream On when he said that he started having feelings for Rachel.
But the fact that he pushed Rachel to listen to the tape didn't go over so well with me.
It just seemed like he just forced it on her so that way he can just leave her
Since his work would be done there.
So saying that he "kind of liked her" didn't really make up for the rest of the episode.
And then Funk. That's like, enough said.
He's a coward. I don't care how he feels about her. He's a coward.
Quite frankly, I feel like there would be a slight decrease in St. Berry shippers
if it wasn't for Jon&Lea. Just saying. ;)

Jun. 20th, 2010

New Directions - Pilot

Day 17: Your least favorite episode

 Day 17
My least favorite episode of Glee

Episode 11 - "Hairography"

I really didn't know what episode to pick for this one.
But if I really had to pick one, this would be it.
Too much Kendra for my liking and too much lying from everyone.
I didn't like Terri at all in this episode
And I hated how Kurt put Rachel up to that catwoman Grease outfit.
[Though, I am happy that Finn appreciates the weird things about Rachel's clothes]
The "Crazy in Love/Hair" number was.. ._.
Puck sexting to Santana and being super D-Baggish to Quinn was not cool.
I didn't like the ending with the FinnxQuinn love bits
And I didn't like the fact that Sue was just giving away the set-list like that.
But there was still stuff about the episode that I liked.

Jun. 19th, 2010

Kurt - Laryngitis - Rose&#39;s Turn

Day 16: Your favorite episode

 Day 16
My favorite episode of Glee

Episode 18 - "Laryngitis"

Everything about this episode makes me incredible happy.
Rachel absolutely butchering "The Climb"
And everyone's face when she does so.
Finn singing "Jessie's Girl" was so much Finnwin
Because it makes me feel like Finn just metaphorically punched Jesse in the face.
[Which is what I've always wanted.]
Puck's "Lady is a Tramp" was so good
As much as I love Mercedes' voice though, I kind of wished she didn't sing in it.
But it's all good. :)
Kurt's Mellencamp was so awkward to watch for the first time. Hahaha.
But you know what, it just makes me love him more for the range that he can tackle. Lovesit!
Brittany's seduction of Kurt Hummel...oh dear. You can see it in her eyes. Lol.
Santana finally getting to SING! Oh my gosh her voice.
I love the hinting that Finn talks about Rachel to his friends. ;)
That scenes was really sweet.
And of course. OF COURSE! I'm absolutely in love with how Kurt-centric this episode was.
I'm a sucker for all things Kurt and "Rose's Turn" was just amazing.
I think I listened to it at least 50 times after the episode.
Kurt and Burt love is always heart warming and then "One" was just amazing as well.
Such a good episode. :)
ArtiexTina - Dream On

Day 15: Your OTP

 Day 15
My OTP [One True Pairing]


My favorites and always will be.
I'll complain about FinnxRachel and occasionally MikexBrittany
But I'll always stand by ArtiexTina. Forever.
I'm content just with the fact that they're always next to each other.
I love that Tina is always pushing him when she walks with him.
And I love everything about their innocent sweetness.
Hands down, they have the best kisses of the season.
And their hand-holding in the finale was the best ever.
And hello! ArtiexTina singing together! Can we have more of that please?
I can probably go on and on about this couple but I love them so much.
They're just so cute together.
And *ahem* Mchalowitz anybody?
Hahaha I didn't even notice Mchalowitz until I was deeply involved with ArtiexTina
But I have to say, I'm quite in love with the idea.
Season two duets and thicker plots would be deeply appreciated.
I'm quite fearful of the Mike triangle that has so much potential.
Especially because I quite want Mike and Brittany to be together...at least for a bit. LOL.
But yes, ArtiexTina; Artina; Tartie; I will forever stand by and I hope they stay together!

Jun. 17th, 2010

New Directions - Pilot

Day 14: A scene/moment that made you happy

 Day 14
A scene that made me happy

Episode 07 - "Throwdown"

Pretty much all of this. 
This is when Sue's Kids and the Glee kids all sing
"Ride Wit Me"
I just like how happy they were all singing together.
[I know, how cheesy right?]
But it was nice how Puck was playing the guitar and Finn was drumming
And they all looked like they were having a good time together.
I think the best part of this scene is the fact that
Ryan Murphy wrote it into the script after the cast was just having fun on set
And singing this for no reason.
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Jun. 16th, 2010

ArtiexTina - Dream On

Day 13: A scene/moment that made you cry

 Day 13
A scene that made me cry

Episode 19 - "Dream On"

Since I exempted the Journey episode from this 30 day Glee meme
I chose this scene instead.
[And in any case, 75% of the Journey episode would have been much better labeled
"Scenes that made you bawl like a baby"]

But being an avid Artina/Tartie stalker fan
This scene really did make me tear up.
The mixture of the sadness in Tina's voice when she said
"Please think about this" & "But I want to dance with you."
And then the sadness on Artie's face really just got to me.
Plus the fact that Artie was singing
"Dream a Little Dream"
Just made the entire scene so emotionally sad!
I didn't full on cry though but it was the first time I actually teared up for a television show!
[Course it still doesn't compare to the amount of tears I shed for "Journey"]
As much as I adore Mike Chang, LEAVE MY ARTINA ALONE!

Jun. 15th, 2010

ArtiexTina - Dream On

Day 12: A scene/moment that pissed you off

 Day 12
A scene that pissed me off

Episode 21 - "Funk"

If I didn't have enough reason already to want to ultimately
This would have done it.
But little known fact, I have despised Jesse from the beginning.
Everything about him just annoyed me to no ends
And then seeing him do this just made me want to kick him really hard.
If Jesse comes back for the second season
No matter what happens, I don't care if he "really truly loved her"
I will be so pissed off if she ever gets back with him.
When this happened, all I wanted more was for Finn to come and punch him in the face.
If you loved her, Jesse, you would not have done this.
It baffles me that people are still rooting for St. Berry.
And it baffles me more that people are pissed that the writers "chose" to ruin St. Berry
For the sake of FinnxRachel shippers
HELLO PEOPLE! He was evil from the beginning and he will be evil at the end.

Jun. 14th, 2010

ArtiexTina - Dream On

Day 11: Your favorite Sue Sylvester moment

 Day 11
My favorite Sue Sylvester moment

Episode 08 - "Mash-Up"

Sue moments are quote moments for the most part.
And this is probably one of the funniest things ever.
It's so messed up but in the best way possible.
Gosh Sue is such a jerk!
But it's the best thing about her.
And hey, she has a heart somewhere down there. :)

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