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Quinn - Theatricality - Bad Romance

Day 24: The character you would like to hear/see more of

 Day 24
The character I was to see more of


I just want to see more of her even if she doesn't get any lines.
Everything she says is amazing but don't overkill her lines.
But I want her to say like, actual stuff.
Like when she said that big paragraph in Bad Reputation.
That was so amazing.
But I just want to see her with some story.
Although, I have this image in my head
Where I just want to see Brittany on a Brittany adventure.
Where it would be something like walking home from school
And for some reason I just imagine her holding a frumpy gray cat in her arms
And just stuff happens along the way.
I have no idea why I see this but I seriously want it to happen.
Or something similar.
I'm am so pro Brittany adventures.
Plus Heather Morris dancing.


Brittany makes me laugh :) who wouldn't want to see more of her!? Although, seeing more of her might kill the effect :O